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Construction Industry Scheme
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Construction Industry Scheme

Construction Industry Scheme

CIS ‒ the Construction Industry Scheme ‒ is a set of dedicated rules for handling payments for construction work that contractors make to sub-contractors.

Note that HMRC has increased its focus on CIS contractors. If you are a Subcontractor, who subcontracts work, then you are considered both a contractor and a subcontractor, in this case you will have to adhere to CIS rules and deduct taxation payments at source before paying a subcontractor.

It is compulsory for contractors to get registered with HMRC to be under CIS however, subcontractor may not be CIS registered. In this case payments are deducted at source, at a higher rate of 30%.

The registration requirements and processes for CIS can be complex and failure to comply can lead to hefty penalties, hence CIS compliance is critical to the success of your business.

Whether you are a public sector or private sector firm, or a newly arrived company to the UK entering into contracts for construction operations, our CIS-support specialists ensure you comply with the requirements of CIS and manage associated challenges.

CIS support includes

Our CIS payroll services enable clients to manage invoicing, payment processing and deduction of CIS tax in a hassle-free manner. We have total working knowledge of the CIS scheme and offer prompt, efficient, and comprehensive accountancy services to clients in the sector.

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